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Fake API

Free public API that enables developers to effortlessly obtain fake JSON data.
Test API endpoints and retrieve dummy JSON data swiftly.
No registration, tokens, or authentication is needed.

Free public API


/books80 books
/currencies170 currencies
/peoples1000 peoples
/pokemons394 pokemons


GET/booksReturns all books
GET/books?limit=20Returns a maximum of 20 books
POST/booksCreate a new book
Return HTTP 201
GET/books/23Returns the book with ID 23
GET/books/23456Return HTTP error 404
PUT/books/23Update the book with ID 23
PATCH/books/23Update partially the book with ID 23
DELETE/books/23Delete the book with ID 23

For other routes (e.g., DELETE /books), it returns an HTTP error 405.

No updates will be performed for POST / PUT / PATCH and DELETE ...

Dummy JSON data

Fake JSON data plays a crucial role in software development, serving as an essential prerequisite for developers in search of realistic placeholder information. Whether crafting prototypes or conducting rigorous tests, having well-structured dummy data facilitates the creation of applications.

JSON data stands as a valuable resource for mimicking various scenarios. This versatile tool enables the creation of realistic prototypes and the testing of API endpoints, allowing developers to anticipate and address potential data manipulation issues.

These APIs also allow you to obtain JSON data examples. This can always be useful and save time when you only need JSON data for certain tests.

Test API endpoints

Softwium offer a collection of free public APIs (that I will try to complete over time).

Testing API endpoints is an important step in the development process, ensuring that the data retrieved from these APIs aligns seamlessly with the requirements.

Our free APIs provide access to realistic data, as as possible, allowing developers to validate their integration to avoid unpleasant surprises in production. Poor test data can more easily lead to bugs… it's up to you to see if our data meets your needs.

Fake json data

The fake APIs featured on this page return data from various repositories on GitHub, each carrying distinct licenses such as Apache, MIT, and others. These repositories serve as valuable resources for those seeking diverse datasets for testing and experimentation.