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Compare XML files online

Find the semantic differences between two XML files

First XML document

Second XML document

How to compare XML files?

Comparing XML files is as simple as follows:

  • Fill both editors with your XML files.
  • Click the 'Compare' button.

You will then see the differences between the two files. They will be reformatted for better readability, and you can navigate from difference to difference by viewing both versions side by side.

You will also have a summary of all the differences between your XML files, allowing you to quickly visualize the discrepancies at a glance.

Online XML Compare

XML, lauded for its readability, remains crucial for seamless data exchange in our digital world. It is widely utilized across industries, spanning from web development to data integration.

Inspecting XML streams is a common task, often necessary to identify potential issues. Compare XML is essential to ensure the consistency and accuracy of exchanged data.

Identifying differences between two XML files can be challenging, especially when the tags do not necessarily follow the same order. On large XML files, this task can quickly become tedious.

This XML comparator greatly facilitates the detection of disparities between two XML queries. Its primary function is to compare structural and content differences, presenting the results in a clear and formatted manner.

Variations are highlighted while also organizing the XML to improve readability. The visual representation includes distinct markers such as red and green merge arrows, enabling users to inspect and merge identified differences efficiently.

This streamlined approach enhances the ease of reconciling XML queries, ensuring a smooth and effective integration of changes.