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Fake Data Generator

First file generated

User guide

How to generate random data files?

  • Add the correct number of fields by clicking on the "Add field" button. Alternatively, click on the cross to delete a field.
  • You can move the fields (drag & drop) to arrange them in the desired order.
  • Select a name for each field.
  • Choose the data type for each field.
  • Fill in the options depending on the data type.
  • Select the output format for the generated data.
  • Clicks on "Generate" button to start¬†generation of data files.

How to manage multiple schemas?

  • Save current schema: This option allows you to save the current schema locally in your browser. If you return later, you can retrieve your schema.
  • Clone current schema: This function clones the current schema locally. You don't need to configure all fields again; you start with the current schema configuration.
  • Export current schema to file: This feature exports the current schema to a file. You can then import your schema on another computer or share it with others.
  • Import schema from file: This option allows you to load a schema previously exported.

Random data generator

Our online Data Generator allows you to generate test data. This fake data generator enables you to quickly and simply generate test datasets. You visually define the fields of your dataset, select the data type, with predefined types corresponding to classic client data from datasets.
Say goodbye to manual data entry and tedious spreadsheet manipulation ūüôā Our interface strives to be as intuitive as possible; allowing you to easily generate dummy data files (CSV, SQL, JSON) according to your specifications. Whether you are testing software, populating databases, or conducting data analysis, our tool simplifies the data generation process, hopefully saving you time.

Online csv maker

The CSV format offers simplicity and compatibility across various platforms and applications. Whether for organizing datasets, exporting data from databases, or exchanging information between systems, CSVs streamline processes and ensure data integrity. That's why, for testing purposes, there's often a need for datasets in CSV format.
Our tool also functions as a CSV generator, allowing you to create csv file online with ease. Make csv files is incredibly simple; you just need to define the various fields of the CSV you wish to generate.