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AI-boosted Opera: A Renewal?

Aria, Opera's AI co-pilot, enhances efficiency in web searches with its user-friendly and straightforward interface.

Opera undergoes a major overhaul with the integration of generative AI in its latest update. The personal assistant Aria and text generation tools streamline the daily experience, following the excitement generated by ChatGPT in February.

The new co-pilot is available across all versions: Windows, Linux, Android, and iOS. Its AI features are built on OpenAI models, likely GPT-3.5. The AI is web-connected through Google Search, enabling users to find recent information. Aria requires an activated Opera account for use. Launched in June 2023, Aria has been refined over weeks to achieve commendable performance.

The AI’s functionalities

Access to AI


Use Ctrl (⌘) + / to invoke Aria in Opera for desktop. Aria is also available on mobile, in the main menu of Opera for Android or iOS.

Instant Responses

No need to browse through numerous web pages to find the information you need. Aria provides you with clear and instant answers in the AI chat on Android, iOS, and computer.

Up-to-date AI

Unlike other AI conversational agents, Opera's free AI is connected to the web, providing real-time information that is not limited to the past!

It's still nice to have up-to-date information; a lot has happened in 2023 ^^. And being connected to websites is still the basic function for a browser; the opposite would have been strange oO.

AI Writer

The "Compose" function of Aria helps you generate perfect content on the first attempt, and the "Refiner" tool allows you to iterate on responses quickly. This type of functionality will be useful for a lot of people.


It remains to be seen whether this really brings added value to its integration; the evolution of features could be quite interesting. It's just a matter of seeing how it will progress.

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