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ChatGPT: Voice command is available!

As announced in September, OpenAI has rolled out the voice command feature for all ChatGPT users.

The voice command feature, initially introduced at the end of September for subscribers to the paid plans ChatGPT Plus and Enterprise, is now available for free to all ChatGPT users, as announced by OpenAI in a tweet.

This feature supports multiple languages, including French (I am French) , and is accessible on both iOS and Android applications. Users can now interact with the conversational agent using voice input, expanding the capabilities already available in written form.

The deployment announcement was not unexpected, as OpenAI had previously stated in a September release, where image recognition capabilities were also introduced, that the voice command feature would be quickly extended to "other user groups."

How to talk to ChatGPT ?

To ask a question verbally to ChatGPT, download the ChatGPT app from the App Store or Google Play (not available on the desktop version).

Once installed, follow these steps: Click on the audio headset icon, wait for the connection, and then ask your question when the "Start speaking" message appears.

You can also choose a voice and change the language in the app settings. However, ChatGPT can identify your native language by default.

With voice command, there's a risk of becoming increasingly inclined to use ChatGPT.

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