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Google to Delete Millions of Accounts Starting Next Month

The big cleanup is about to begin at Google, with the planned deletion of millions of accounts starting in December 2023. Only a few weeks left to take action.

In a recent announcement, Google declared its plan to remove accounts inactive for two years or longer starting from the next month. This gradual strategy is designed to prevent catching users off guard, particularly those with a strong connection to their Gmail accounts.

What is the reason behind this deletion?

In a cautionary notice issued last May, Google announced its intention to delete accounts inactive for over two years. Up until now, only the content stored in these inactive accounts has been deleted. The primary objectives behind this initiative are twofold: to liberate storage space on the company's servers and bolster overall security. With unused accounts posing a higher risk of compromise, this proactive measure will be intensified starting December 2023. Google will specifically target accounts that were created but have remained unused.

How to avoid the deletion of your account?

Google is undertaking a thorough cleaning of accounts. For many users, Google accounts are essential, covering services such as Gmail, YouTube, Google Drive, and Google Photos, all linked to a single account. If you are a regular user of these services, the cleanup initiated by the American giant should not concern you. Phew!

In summary, it's straightforward: Simply engage and log in to utilize one of Google's services.

It's important to note that accounts utilized for hosting videos on YouTube will remain unaffected. This deletion policy applies exclusively to personal accounts and not to business accounts.

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