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Pika: an impressive AI-powered video generator

With Pika, you will be able to generate video clips from text, images, or other videos! And it seems quite impressive.

Launched a few months ago, the video-generating AI Pika has now reached half a million users! Pika 1.0 was recently unveiled, featuring a new AI model capable of generating and editing videos in various styles, along with a web interface that makes it user-friendly. In parallel, they have raised 55 million dollars! This should enable them to further advance their AI 🙂

Pika’s features?


This video-generating AI operates on the principle of text-to-video (similar to Runway's Gen-2). By crafting a prompt, the tool generates a corresponding video sequence! Similar to image generation (like Bing creator…), you can specify the style, framing, as well as camera movements, frames per second, and more.

The team shares videos on YouTube:


The platform will also offer the idea-to-video model, allowing the generation of video sequences with a written prompt as well as with the assistance of an image or a video.


While waiting for the web interface (sign up on the waiting list if you're interested), you can test the beta version for free on Pika's Discord server.

If the result lives up to expectations, it will be a revolution!


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